Hi! My name is Lisa . I am 35 and currently living in the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) area of the USA.

Since a young age I have been crafting and creating things from stories to goods. I am October Sixth Creations.  No really. I am. My birthday is October 6th. Some may know me from etsy as October6thCreations.

I have been blogging on various platforms for about 10 years now. This is a blog about my interests. You will see that I am a Crafting, Eats, Healthy Lifestyle, and Sustainability enthusiast.

Mostly a dreamer who believes in the everyday magic that is around us or created by us.

Check check out my happenings on the social media listed at the bottom of my site.


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  1. Sally Keating says:

    Love the Disney hats you made the girls! Looking at everything else right now. From one October 6th creation to another, so cool!


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