Together We Can

What’s a motto?

Nothing! Whats a motto with you?

Jokes. Jokes. I got jokes.

Seriously though. What is up with Together We Can.  It is simple. It is a phrase I adopted over the years as mine. It is my motto that I firmly believe in. Keeps me grounded. Gets me out of my moments of anxiety.

Together is we

We is together

Can is do it

The together can be people or just you. I think of mind and body as partners in my together. Sometimes they fight with me and I need to realign them. Regardless we do it.

I believe that people make dreams a reality. Sometimes you need people to help make things happen. It is easy for me to block myself off into my little corner. Reality is I do need people to achieve things. I am fully capable of doing everything on my own. I am also fully capable of tiring myself out by not letting people join me in creating and doing. Creating and doing together creates meaningful relationships. Relationships are really why we are here. Right?

Together We Can

Love Always,

Lisa Ann