DIY Spring Bunny Wreath

It was necessary for me to take down my winter Christmas wreath on my front door. I needed something for spring. Here is my adventure in wreath making.

DIY: Ceramic Mug Designing with Martha Stewart Paint

Made this for one of my staff assistants as a thank you/happy holiday gift. We do a lot of crafting around here and she has helped with that a lot. Thought this mug craft was perfect. I was kinda just going with the design. Not as pretty as I would have liked it to be,…

DIY: Triathlon Medal Display

Supplies 1x8x6  Wood Board- I used Premium Pine cut to 20 inches Paint- I used black for background and white for letters. Black is semigloss. White is acrylic. I did use semigloss white but it was not working out. I think I got a bad mix. Sawtooth Picture Hangers- mine was a 3 piece set….