Cathy Card Collection

Some more of the Cathy Collection. Soon I will be done with my christmas gifts. I have been using Copic markers to color. They are AMAZING! They surely make me believe in magic. I just ordered some more from along with two new flower stamp set. I love flowers in case you were wondering. Besides flowers I love to stamp things that have to do with tea/coffee (teapots are so cute and can become vintage so quick. I love vintage looking things) or cupcakes (it should be obvious that I love cupcakes at this point in time).

I think i ordered a cherry blossom set of stamps and a waterlily set. Check out flouishes.

I might have gone a little crazy with chalking these cards but I looove chalking. I think it accents designs. My favorite chalk color is brown (in all the varieties).

I think I am going to eventually go a set of sunflower cards sooner or later..stayed tuned.


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