Soooo by now you should know I loooooove stamp sets.  This order I got a set for strawberries.  I have some great memories of strawberries growing up.  Before the houses were built in my neighborhood the grounds were farms.  In fact the land our house is on was orchards.  This means the ground is great for growing things.  Well there was a patch of strawberries in our backyard…the way back of the yard.  Moms house has an acre of land.  I guess it wasn’t too far from the single pear tree that was left over.  I am not sure if the I was allowed to eat those strawberries, but I know I did.  Maybe where I lived influenced my love of fruit.  

When I got this set I looked at all the different stamps.  I saw that one of the phrases was something simple.  It said friend.  When I saw it I automatically thought of Ashlee.  Its kinda how we great each other… Hi friend, hey friend, where are you friend… this really quick card I made introduces the Ashlee Collection!

In this card I was learning how to do lots of shading and blending.  I also tried making the stamped area into a puzzle look. I feel it is a very simple card but very pretty because it reminds me of Ashlee and the strawberries of my childhood.


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