Apples!  Another fruit I love!  Apples remind me of being a kid of course.  Pretty such I love anything with Apples.  I wonder if this has to do with the season I was born in?  Maybe it was those apple trees in the backyard/around the neighborhood.  

Apples are so yummy and they are so pretty.  Does anyone else remember making crafts with applies when you were younger?  I think I either did this at Girl Scouts or pre-k.  Regardless I love apples!

The apples stamp from  This was my first creation playing with color and then playing with some dimensional magic.  You can see the magic makes the picture darker.  I like the glossy and raised feeling.  No collection name as of yet.  Still need to play with it I think. 

The paper is a heavy 120 weight cardstock so the copic markers don’t bleed through. The frame I cut with my cricut and then stamped.  I think I might weld the frame on the gypsy and make it into a card.  I like cards that are differently shaped!  Not sure If it will get embellished or remain a simple stamp and color.  Stay tuned…ha


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