Door Decs done!!! Each year we try to incorporate sustainability into our building decor. I thought of the song Bare Necessities from Jungle Book. Thus the design. I wanted to try and incorporate a sustainable feature into the design. Here comes the burlap or hessian. burlap is a sustainable natural product. has one of the lowest carbon footprints. burlap is untreated and is manufactured and sold in its natural state. Burlap is 100% biodegradable! Pinners have probs seen this project in may pins.


Burlap: I used 2 yards since I was making about 20

Freezer Paper

Ink Jet Printer


Smaller Clothes Pins

Mickey Stickers

Brown Paint

Brown Embroidery Thread

A computer designed image/saying

Backing (I used white cardstock)

Glue Tape ( I use scotch tape glider


  1. Cut the freezer paper to a size that would fit into your inkjet printer
  2.  Iron freezer paper to back of burlap
  3.  Cut burlap freezer paper combo
  4.  Load one at a time into printer as you press the print button from your computer
  5.  Paint all your accessories
  6.  Remove freezer paper backing
  7.  Stitch around the image. Trim what you don’t want of the burlap after stitching
  8. Cut the backing to the size of the image. Basically so you don’t see it through the stitching or edges
  9. Glue the mickey head sticker wherever you want after it is dried of course
  10. Attached room number and clothes pin to the overall design wherever you want. I did not need to use glue since the clothes pin held everything fine.

Anyone need help with door dec-ing let me know.


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