UMD Terp Graduation Cap

As end of semester get close I usually get asked to help with idea’s for graduation caps. Sometimes I think I should change my title from resident director to captain creative. Anywho this is a grad cap that I designed and made for one of my recent graduates. Didn’t take too long. This is a great idea for an event you can have with you graduating seniors in the halls if you work in reslife.

I used a turtle shell template I found online. Cut it up. laid out the design. Traced on the hat the small square pieces then painted yellow. The red pieces were the parts of the shell I did paint and glue on. I cut up the shell parts so they were more swirly. If you don’t glue down all the way you have a 3d look. If you are worried about ripping the paper then glue all the way. Used my Cricut to make the M and 2013. I used a glue gun to glue thing because if I messed up with the design I could just heat the glue with my heating tool and the paper would come off easily. This is a trick everyone should know.


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