Made some personalized gifts for one of my staff members today since it is Graduate Assistant Appreciation Day. She is a lover of wine and just got engaged at a winery so I wanted to make the blanket something that had meaning and was colors that are more earthy. Earth tones her style for sure. The blanket is 2 yards of pattern fabric and two yards of chocolate brown plain. Both are fleece fabrics. Classic tie blanket instructions for that.

She also loves Dino’s and has a dino name so I etched a glass mug/bowl with her Dino name (nosilla). Added two little dino images etched at the front and end of the name. I used my cricut to cut the vinyl. Armour Etch to get the images onto the mug. I must admit etching on rounded surfaces is hard. The vinyl as stencil does not want to pull straight. You need a ton of patience for etching rounded things.

Due to her position she has done a lot with sustainability so I made her a Do One Thing notebook out of a cereal box. I just wrote the words/drew the images on the front cover. Sewed with some colorful craft floss.

I didn’t make the book Daring Greating. Brene Brown wrote this wonderful book. Makes you think about a lot of things. I recently saw Brene speak at a conference.

So that’s all for today’s appreciation gifts!


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