This project is really really easy to do. I made these for my staff last year. I love a good appreciation project that is personal. I try to make things that my staff won’t just throw away. I did a theme of phrases that had to do with seeing and leadership. I also made a few of these for friends since then. Mostly they are a limited edition octobersixthcreation.

This is a photo transfer project. Know that the photo will not transfer perfect. That is why I liked this. I like the small pieces that didn’t transfer. Makes it look vintage. I say small because they really are not big spaces that don’t transfer. I they turn out that way for you then you may have done this wrong.

Figure out what size canvas you want. The largest I have done with this technique is 8×10

Find a picture. Black and white pictures look awsome. Colored turned out great as well.

Add words or phrase to photo. You can also use different tuning for the coloring of the phot. I did this all in one app. I use WordFoto app. The words are all jumbled which I think is cool. The topic photo of my friend Cory is a quote “Ahh music, A magic beyond all we do here”.

Save photo and send it to your computer.
Open up your preferred program. I use powerpoint because it is quick and easy to so really simple things. I use photoshop for other things. In your program flip the photo so it will print out backwards.

Print on lazer printer. This is important.

Coat canvas with a thick layer of Liquitex gel medium. You want it smooth. Try not to have many ridges or bumps. It is a layer not ocean waves. The bran I use is the top one on this page

Put photo face down on your layer of gel medium.

Let dry/cross your fingers the image transfers. Typically takes a few hours. I say do this at night and they are ready after you have slept. This way you aren’t fusing with them because you are so excited to continue. A problem I have obviously.

You will know the paper is dry because it will be dry to touch and hard.

Wet the paper surface really good. I use a small spray bottle of water to do this.

Rub the paper off with your fingers. This can start to hurt if you are doing a lot of them. A trick I used with a paper town. For some reason this simulated my finger rubbing the paper really well. Haven’t tried a regular towel. It may look like you have all the paper off. Let where you worked dry and you may see little white pieces still there. Try to get those off too. Once you are done you can move to next step.

Add a nice coat of gloss to make it purdy. Mod P. words good.

Tada. I think these are neat because up close you see all the words but from far away it just looks like the image. Credit to Nichole Louise Photography for the photo of cory.

You can do this process on pretty much anything. I have seen it done on wood. Great vintage look on that since things stick differently. I have also done this on coasters. I will post them later.

Questions? Let me know.


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