My gadgets that get the job done so I can document things for posting.

IPAD 2- Trixie is her name. Her other tricycle is a pogo stick.

ZAGG BlueTooth Keyboard- Love this. Have had to charge it maybe twice in the last two years

Samsung HD WiFi Camera- Has front facing camera for less awkward selfies. HD video as well. Great photos. I have another Samsung that is all white. Love that one too. Hold charge for a long time. Mini SD card. Good price. White version got super cheap with a groupon. Sometimes I use my cell phone. Prefer a actual camera though.

SD Card Adapter for IPAD- Do all my uploading of photos and editing on my ipad. This adapter is awesome. Not sure if they make them for the newer Ipads


Phonto- use this to add words with cool fonts/backgrounds

Snapseed- awesome photo editing app. Run by google i believe. Makes photo edting portable. Easy to figure out.

ABM (A Beautiful Mess)- Great app for adding doodles and text to photos


Frametastic- creates collages in picture or video format for uploading posts.


Dropbox- Not lots of space on the IPAD. App auto uploads pictures on your ipad. Then you can delete from actual device


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