Made a quick thank you card after work and before dinner with my staff. It took me about 10-20 mins to do. I always have precut card shapes with my logo on the back. I also have precut white or ivory frames that I can create on for the card. I use a high weight paper for the white frames because I tend to use copic markers. The higher weight paper allows the copics or alcohol markers to blend better. Regular paper just absorbs the ink.

Having things precut saves in time just like having a stock of cards for any occasion saves you time. 

Used a vine with birds embossing card with my cuttlebug. Stamped Thank You with memento ink in center. Used little sticky jewel that I had in my accessories draw to add some flare and sparkle to the ends of the vines.

Colored the embossed image with copic markers. Used different color blues for the little birdies. Glued the white frame onto the textured purple card with my ATG.

It was nice to get some coloring done. Coloring instantly relaxes me. After a busy few days the opp to be creative was awesome.


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