This upcycle usually gets people’s interest the most. Altoids bins can been very function as other things. In photo above I used to it as a gift box for earrings. 


You want to use the side that gets indented not the site that is “puffy” or embossed. This is called the debossed side. Make sure you run your items through the machine or over the plate in a away for that to happen. You will be using multiple pieces of the tape and aligning them on the container. You cannot see the seems on the box unless you look really close. That is the beauty of the aluminium tape. This tape is really sticky so make sure you ready to commit when you stay to lay it on the tin.

The cardboard is needed so the Altoids logo doesn’t emboss into your tape when you lay it on the top. You only need the cardboard for the top of the tin. Once you have your design covering the outside of your tin you can color it in using sharpie.

It is really easy. There isn’t much to explain. One of those crafts where you just need to do it.


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