Maple syrup glass bottles turned into functional items for the home. Soap dispenser and oil container.


  • Glass bottles. I used maple syrup bottles. Whole food brand pure maple syrup bottles.
  • Soap pump from a retailer or do what I did and reuse one you had from old plastic soap dispenser bottle. 
  • Tablecraft Hinged Flip Top Pourers for the Oil. I like the top so oil dust or anything else doesn’t float into the oil. About $7. 
  • Etching Cream
  • Paint Brush to apply etching cream
  • Stencils- I used my Cricut and vinyl to create the stencils

Follow all the directions on the etching cream bottle. Easy peasy.

Etching bottle sounds complicated but it is not. It is actually something you could do with college students if you work in student affairs. 


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