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The first new pictures are the colors before baking. 425-435 for 30 minutes. Start it in a cold oven. See all the details for my other posts about sharpie baking here 

9" bowl 2.49 from Ikea. Made a stencil on my Cricut. Only used it a few times until I was comfortable drawing the leaves on my own. Stencils help me start off then I can usually freehand.

I found that Black, Silver, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Dark Green hold their color well in after baking.

Ones that change – use with caution- Orange (turns brown), Blues, both dark and light (turn green), Purple (turns pink), Red (turns a dark burgundy), Lime Green (turns to more of a pea green), White (yellows)

I may eventually do a single tile baked with the colors to show the example. This will be helpful as I do crafting with people so they can see what their choice of color will mean.

Also something I learned. The more coloring you do the more there is color variation. You think that you have covered all the spots, but you will see when it has baked that you did not. 

Regardless for a homemade cheap craft this is still great.

The oil based sharpie colors you can get on Amazon and at your local craft store. Mine have lasted many applications thus far. I would make sure to get the varying tips.

I wonder how well the art deco colors hold up color wise. Anyone know?



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