I have been doing research on lotion bars for quite some time. This may be due to my current obsession of searching diy stuff on youtube. GOLD MINE!

Finding gifts for friends and family has become tricky over the years. I prefer the homemade and functional gifts. For some peeps beauty products are the perfect present solution. I am into natural things when it comes to beauty products. There are a number of recipes out there. Many ways you can do things. I am  loving lotion or massage bars as presents. This is what I have gathered

  • You need some type of wax. cosmetic grade. I use bee.
  • You need butters. A combo of them. Whatever you want really. I used cocoa and shea in the pictures above. Mango butter is also used.
  • Oils. Coconut. Sweet Almond. They sell a coconut oil that is infused with a vanilla bean. pretty cool. I use coconut oil and sweet almond. You can use others if you want like kukui 
  • You need molds. I prefer silicone. They have so many varieties out there.
  • Heat safe glass or other bowls. I use pryex
  • stove top. Some things can be done in microwave but I don’t like how those turn out.
  • patience. there is a bit of waiting for things to melt in double broiler and then waiting to everything to cool
  • Vitamin E serves as natural preservative
  • storage for the bars
  • Recipes

Here are recipes I liked

Ann Le


Wellness Mama has some good info too

Things you can add in

  • Cacao nibs
  • Oatmeal
  • Matcha Tea
  • shredded coconut
  • essential oils (i like sweet orange, vanilla, and lemon)

You can find your supplies on amazon, local health food store, vitacost, and Brambleberry


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