DIY: Grapefruit and Lemon Nilla Sugar Scrub

Easy recipes for functional fancy diy gifts. With easy directions.

Add sugar to bowl

Slowly add in oil. I use sweet almond. Mix until sugar feels like a consistency you like. I go for the wet sand feel. You can also use coconut. If using coconut make sure it is melted, but not too hot. It will melt the sugar.

Add your essential oil and vit E.

Scoop into air tight jars. I use ½ pint wide mouth mason jars. Got them at target in pack of 4.. They seem to be more expensive online.

I had made a scrub previously that used brown sugar. I think I like the white and raw sugar better. The sugar I used also happened to be organic.

Any scrub recipes you like? Please share. If this inspired you please tag #octobersixthcreations when you post your creations. Your post will show on my page under Lisa Likes.

I was also playing with new ways to edit photos. What do you think?

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Happy DIYing everyone!


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