In the spirit of DIY gift giving I have been doing a lot of beauty diy things because that is what I am working on as projects for people. Trying and testing new things.

In the same theme of DIY gifts is canvas art. I love a good canvas creation. Something person for those you are gifting. Or you can do something that anyone will like for your office, school, club, family, etc White Elephant type exchange.

This example is made with a large canvas but you can use any size. You just make things smaller or bigger as needed. This can also fit into the upcycle category since it used old mags. 


  • Mags
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • White Acrylic Paint (or whatever color you want to use. You can see through white the best. You might be able to use pastel colors as they are lighter)
  • Vinyl Letters
  1. Flip pages of old Mags that you like. Create a theme with colors. Do what you want. You need the pages to fill up the whole canvas. Tear the colors into large, medium, small sizes. Whatever you want.
  2. Place mod podge on area you want to glue one of the pieces today. Make sure the glue enough for the piece you are using.Place the paper down and smooth out air bubbles. Proceed to glue and smooth until you have everything stuck down.
  3. Do a finishing coat of mod podge over the canvas that is covered in with paper. Let dry fully.
  4. Once dry put down your vinyl letter or whatever design you are using. I went with a quote. If you are doing it for someone you can do their fav quote.
  5. Paint with 1 coat of white acrylic paint. If you want to do another coat because you want more coverage you can. 

Easy peasy. This was a project I did maybe two years ago. I still have it. During the summer I take Fridays and Mondays office in June. On those days I craft. Sometimes I will take a week off to do the same. 

This craft is easy and pretty simple to do what you want with it. Don’t feel like you have messed up. Most things are fixable or create something better then you imagined.

Inspired? Show me. #octobersixcreations

Your post will show up under Lisa Likes on my main page.

Happy DIYing.


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