DIY: Tile Coasters

Hi. A rare Sunday post coming out. I was a bit busy this week so I didn’t have enough time to edit my photos in advance for posting. Enjoy this one!

You may have seen my versions of tile coasters here before. Here (image transfer )and Here (stamp and color).

Well here is another. These use cheap ceramic white tile from local hardware store. Simple cut and glue of scrapbook paper. Easy and cheap craft for resident assistants to do with their residents. Cool idea for a craft at a crafty party. Though at a crafty part I would probs have all the different techniques available.


show me your creations! #octobersixthcreations 

*I tend to separate mod podge from glue category because it is used for many things outside of the glue nature. Often times I am using it as a sealant over glue.


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