Love is Everyday- Random brain notes

It is coming. The 14th of Feb. When everyone celebrates love. I guess not everyone. Some think you need to have a special someone. Not true at all. You can love many things. I have never been big on only taking that day to show it or see it in everyday things. I don’t get mad if I have to work that day. Love is everyday. Pretty sure I annoy people when I say that. 

While thinking about social media content for this year I have brainstormed a few things. I will use #loveiseveryday for my post which have things I love.

I will be completing a jar of tasks that was given to me as gift last year. Thoughtful hand crafted gifts are among the things I love. With that I will either write a blog post or do a youtube vid on my channel based on those little slips.

I will write 365 notes. Will send them to friends and fam. Some people may get more then one. Any type of note goes. 

I will take classes and be better at the hobbies I love. 

I will be awesome.

What is everything doing for Val Day? 


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