Friday Finds- Marshalls Haul

Some people call them hauls. I call them finds. I don’t really go to a store looking for items. I just happen upon them mostly. One of my fav places to happen upon cool stationary and crafty things is Marshalls. The items are super cheap and typically more fancy brand crafty items.

  • arrow paper clips- Going to give this as presents to my planner friends
  • Posh coloring book.  I was happy this one didn’t say adult coloring book.
  • beach fun paper clips- more planner friend fun
  • white notebook with cool saying. Once the pages are empty I totally have an upcycle idea to keep using it as a note book. The cover is really sturdy. FYI I love white and gold.
  • Puppy pencil- present for a friend with a puppy. The pencil looks like a stick from a tree.
  • Hemp cord in a multicolored green and tan combo
  • Disruptus- a game to open peoples mind to creativity. Throw the dice and pull the cards. You get images and you then have to draw another type of object by using parts of those two images. The next person might have to build onto it after they roll the dice. Pretty cool. I got this to try out with my students and I thought it would be a cool party activity.
The range of prices 1.99-12.99. The game was the 12.99. Most of the small stuff was 1.99 or 2.99. Coloring book was 7.99. Many of these items I have seen elsewhere for much more. Yay for finds!
They also had nice colored pencils, sketchbooks, and pens. I almost got a sketchbook but I need to finish the ones I have.
What have you found recently?

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