Door Decoration with Upcycled Material

Off campus housing office gave us boxes of old folders. They had cool umd images. Decided to use them in my official door decs. #upcycle #reuse #terps #reslife #octobersixthcreations #doordec

kidsactivitiesblog: Paper Mache Butterfly for Kids This has step by step instructions…oh, how I’m grateful for those! This could be a door dec. Cut the shape first from card stock. Color or paint. Folds the wings to give texture like seen here. The body could be a toliet paper roll.

I saw making seven drawfs out of toliet paper tubes on spoonful and pinterest within the last year. I knew right away that these needed to be door decs since I try to do door decs where you resuse most of not all of the items. It is really easy to collect toliet paper tubes….