I saw making seven drawfs out of toliet paper tubes on spoonful and pinterest within the last year. I knew right away that these needed to be door decs since I try to do door decs where you resuse most of not all of the items. It is really easy to collect toliet paper tubes. If you use paper towels you can cut this up for this as well.

I have 15 RAs and one PA. So that means I need to do 16 of these. 7 dwarfs and 1 snow white. Each floor has two RAs so they will be the same dwarf.
The instructions and supplies this for the 7 dwarfs are here http://spoonful.com/crafts/tissue-tube-dwarfs

I will make up how to do snow white. I am thining she will have doll hair. They were out at the craft store today so will have to get later. I also forgot to get white felt. One of the instuctions tells you to get assorted felt. I forgot to pay attention to the white felt for the beards. Thus why I only did dopey. He doesnt need a beard.

Me being me decided I needed to take the door dec to the next level. So in comes the mine cart. The cart and wheels are made out cereal box. I bought mini craft pop sticks for cheap (with coupon). I already had paints and jewels in craft supplies. With the felt and sticks all 16 door decs will cost $5. Pretty cheap.

The sides of the cart at 5.5 inches. The front and back are custom hand drawn. I googled a mine cart and let my imagination go. I had foam from another project so I sliced those into smaller blocks for the inside of the mine. Make sure it is smaller then the opening. You use a lot of glue gun for this project so have you glue gun sticks ready.

Once I have all of them done I will post again. I am thinking I will include a template for the mine cart. Maybe also the ears for dopey. Those turned out well. I free handed those too.

Use the pictures above and the spooful link. This is really easy to do I promise.


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