The last month or so I have been growing herbs. Started with a small mint and basil plant. Moved to two mint plants. Two sweet basil plants. Added lemon basil from Butler’s Orchard this weekend. Today went to see what plants are still out there that could live on my window. Also got a dowl to tie up my droopy mint plant. Found a stevia plant. The growing is going well so I am hoping the latest eddition will do well too. My windows get a bunch of light but not direct sunlight as it says they require. They get direct sunlight in the afternoon when the sun shifts to my side of the building. So far so good. Having these plants have been helpful in recipes. Saved on needing to buy items at the store. I am running out of window space to these plants may be it for me. I could really go for a fresh dill plant though. mmmm dill


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