I have always eaten mostly fruits and veggies. Meat doesn’t taste good to me. Bread though tastes really good. I love bread. I grew up in the Philly area. Soft pretzels and fresh breads were always around me. I love Wawa and a good hoagie. A sandwich is my favorite meal. Typically bread was at lunch. I am also polish so making things with dough kinda happens a fair amount.

Bread is easy to manage when trying to get a meal in especially if you are traveling for sports around the states. I spent plenty of my years playing ball and traveling. Bread is also cheap.

I read a lot. I search the web a lot. I took nutrition classes in college. I work in the education field. I am trying to stay, be, live again as #safit not #safat. SA is Student Affairs.

I know bread all the time is not so good. I was never a white bread fan. I am a rye bread or thick crusty bread lover. Rye without the ants (seeds. I called them ants when I was little. It has stuck but does scare people at a dinner table when you say you don’t want the bread with ants). I still want a slice sometimes with a salad.

The sensation of chewing bread cannot be matched by making a lettuce leaf into a wrap. Sometimes I just want bread. In the last year I have tried to go as gluten free as possible. It is not hard to do, but it can be expensive if you want bread.

I prefer to make my own things. Bread has never been one I tackled. Mostly because using yeast freaks me out. Weird I know. I love trying new things in whole foods based meals though.

Since I started following McKel of Nutrition Stripped I have certainly tried lots of new things in recipes. All of them have turned out yummy. I had yet to try the Nourishing Nut Seed Bread. I looked at other books and sitesfor bread. I was not impressed.

This week I jumped in on making McKel’s Nutrishing Nut Seed Bread once I found Psyllium Husks Powder in my local organic store MOMs. I also made a commitment to write each day on my blog this summer. For content purposes this was a great time to jump in.

Recipe is really easy to do. Super yummy. Gluten free. Vegan. High in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. You need to have a fair amount of time dedicated to making this. In between you can work on other things though.

I had two slices as part of lunch today. I also mashed up half a avocado with shallot and cherry tomatoes to spread on top. I wasn’t super hungry so this was perfect after a morning picking berries at the farm.

Visit Nutrition Stripped for the recipe and all the wonder facts McKel shares http://nutritionstripped.com/nourishing-nut-seed-bread/


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