So I made Sticky Fig BBQ Sauce recipe from Nutrition Stripped. I personally call is sticky figgy bbq.

You can find the recipe and all the facts below

This recipe is amaze.
My husband approves.
We are def going to use this recipe for our annual 4th of july party. I am so excited to share with all my friends.
This would make a great gift in a mason jar for a host.
It was my first time using Blackstrap Molasses. I love using at least one new thing in a recipe.
The smell of my house was fantastic.

When cooking things in sauce pan things cook fast so have your ingredients ready.
When letting cook on low for the 2 hours I used a crock pot. I deem that safer than sauce pan on stove. I used me immersion blender for blending all the chunk of the sauce. It did a pretty good job, but to make smoother I may throw in blender.

It mentions garlic in the instructions but it doesn’t mention in ingredients. I use 2 cloves and chopped them up. Maybe it was in ingredients and I missed it. Tell me if you find it.

Tomatoes, figs, oinions, shallots, molasses, tomato paste, Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, spices. Most def the healthiest BBQ I have found.

The best part of a nutrition stripped recipe is the delicousness. The second is all the great information provided by a registered dietician.

I have off from work tomorrow. So I can work on a few blog post coming up. Cooked up another nutrition stripped recipe today which will make it into a post soon. Tomorrow I will also work on a craft project.


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