Make Your Own Notebook Event

Another creative cafe happening in my building. We do DIY projects that have a sustainable theme. College students have cereal boxes. These are great way to create something with what you have. Or you can get supplies cheap. Great as a gift. I included the instructions I created for myself and my staff to run…

Flyer example. This was inspired from another picture I had seen for diy-reed diffuser. My end result looks nothing like the original. I always need to start somewhere with inspiration. Used PowerPoint. Created a shape as bottom layer size of page. filled the shape with a picture I found online. When you do this you…

Wonder what we mean by creative door decorations. What is a door decoration. How do I do it. This video takes you through some steps and answers your questions. (Source:

Spray Air Feshener

Natural Spray Air Freshener. A Pinterest find and try. Check it out. Something easy to do with residents if you work in ResLife. Keep the funk away. What cool green living type things are you making?

wildwithwhimsy: DIY Donut Coasters  ||  Henry Happened i know i’m late to the donut-themed party…but.. cheap and easy craft for your house or doing event. reslife crafts wee.

Air Feshener: Baking Soda

Homemade Natural Air Freshener. Making videos of me attempting to do Pinterest finds.  I make these things on the fly. Will be posting a lot of examples for RA Training since that is coming up soon. Really easy to do. try it out!

kidsactivitiesblog: Paper Mache Butterfly for Kids This has step by step instructions…oh, how I’m grateful for those! This could be a door dec. Cut the shape first from card stock. Color or paint. Folds the wings to give texture like seen here. The body could be a toliet paper roll.

Follow friday is a bit late due to our annual 4th party yesterday. Great pinterest board to follow for those reslife/ students affairs peeps out there. They also have a blog. The Resident Advisor on pinterest. Get your pin on.

Pinterest sends out emails to users for boards/pinners to follow. Someone sent me this email to show that my reslife board gets promoted. coolness You should follow all my boards though. I am pretty darn cool.

18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug

resident-crafter: This would make an AMAZINGLY fun program!!! I am going to maybe do this next month if my residents are interested. There is such a large variety here, it’s a good read.  18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug

resident-crafter: I have a Corkboard Craft Night coming up and I wanted to get innovative with my advertising! Top: An ACTUAL corkboard I found that I decorated to advertise the program night Middle: Painted clothes pins with pushpins glued to the back. Then I hand wrote notes to advertise. I pinned one to each person’s…

Effective E-mail Marketing

resident-crafter: Good morning! I woke up this morning, made my cup of coffee, logged into my e-mail and saw I had a notification from LinkedIn. Now, this is not a website I use frequently, but I do keep my resume up to date on it so it’s a website I utilize as necessary. One thing…