Flyer example. This was inspired from another picture I had seen for diy-reed diffuser. My end result looks nothing like the original. I always need to start somewhere with inspiration.

Used PowerPoint. Created a shape as bottom layer size of page. filled the shape with a picture I found online. When you do this you are then able to play with the transparency of the picture. The transparency is 40%. Created a second rectangle shape with rounded edges for the frame. Made that frame grey. Created third shape with rounded edges to be the purple bar. Didn’t like the general colors of purple provided in PowerPoint so went to and searched for purple pallets. Set transparency on this layer to 28%. Then made text boxes with wording in white to place over the purple shape. Used 2 fonts that are already available in general PowerPoint font package. Played with the size of the fonts. Used the same font for larger text box with Make Your Own. Another text box with event details. And another text box with the added treats. The font size for this is large enough to be noticed while not taking away from the main part of event.

flyer making is easy peasy peeps. Just practice. 

Update: The large handmade poster for the lobby. inspired by the flyer. My staff created a great large poster.


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