Today was a great day for some exercise, healthy eats and attending a wedding. Before I went for my ride I found a salad on Mind Body Green site. Called Autumn Harvest. Sometimes I look up recipes for meals I want to eat after my workouts. I think about them the entire time I workout. Usually makes me ride faster. Weird, but works for me. Picture above of my sweet bike gear that kept me warmer on a colder day. Loving this Gore Bike Gear wind stopping jacket. Helps a lot. 

Top photo is my version of the salad I had after my ride. Didn’t use all of the ingredients in my inspiration salad find. I did stick with the same dressing though. It was yummy for sure. My version of salad had kale (massaged of course), broc, butternut squash, poms, brussel sprouts.

Try it out or make your own version. 

Here is a link to the inspiration salad.


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