T-Shirt Bags and S’Mores Event Poster Example

A few pictures of the awesome work my staff did advertising for an event. Make it big and noticeable. Put it in a place where people always know to look for events going on. In this case out lobby by the elevator bay where the majority of our students walk.

Make Your Own Notebook Event

Another creative cafe happening in my building. We do DIY projects that have a sustainable theme. College students have cereal boxes. These are great way to create something with what you have. Or you can get supplies cheap. Great as a gift. I included the instructions I created for myself and my staff to run…

A great example of making your flyer into a larger poster for posting in your building. Great for those larger open areas where small flyers get drowned out by big space. Let us face the facts. Regular flyers just don’t cut it these days when trying to catch attention of residents.

Sustainability Bulletin Board. Made feet with the side of my hand. Washable finger paints used. On the feet there are ways people can be more sustainable along with information about our sustainability groups for our community. 

hbernart: Floor Decorations In my previous post I had mentioned that my co and I had a Japanese-themed floor (hence the sushi door decs I made, and the ninja ones my co made).  Here are some pics from that year.  I realize now that it was a really big waste of paper…but hey, at least…

A peek at some of the work done so far by the Oakland Staff

You say crayon i say crown. Potato. Crayon Art Door Dec. Earth shattering details and tricks. Well maybe not, but kinda. If ever nervous about doing crayon art. Maybe this will help you. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Made a guide on making tissue paper flowers. These can be used for many decor options. I am targeting door decs for RAs to do for students. Also good for bulletin boards.

Wonder what we mean by creative door decorations. What is a door decoration. How do I do it. This video takes you through some steps and answers your questions. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Worked with my staff to come up with some info on craft night events that any skill level of RAs can do. Hope this helps.Please excuse any typo’s. We tried to get them all. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Really quick threw together example door decorations for the RA Training Craft Cabin. Harry Potter theme. Pinterest Find. YouTube video of me trying out will be out soon. Stay tuned.  I realize the striped are not angled perfectly. Again this was just a throw together thing. I perfect as I go. 

Creating a bond that allows you to become a friend or mentor with student staff while they are here but also after they leave is one of the best things about my job. Doesn’t mean we have to see each other all the time. Maybe we just chat on social media or rando texts in the…