Yarn Color Combos

Snapping some photos today of new color combos for scarves. I use afterlight to brighten the pictures because yarn automatically gets dark when photoed. Then I use phonto to add in the marker font writing. I do these pictures to help me name the scarf but to remember the combos. I can get so overwhelmed…

Scarves- More Colors

Been busy working on scarves. Haven’t had much time to post or work on the youtube. Loving the new color combos for the scarves I have come up with. Check out my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/October6thCreations?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Arm Knit Scarf

Over the weekend I worked on learning a new craft. I saw Arm Knitting pop up a few times on youtube. So I decided to try it out paired with coupons and presidents days sale at JoAnns. They have yarn dedicated to arm knitting. Supplies Your arms Yarn size super bulky 6. They usually say…

Cleaning again and found some old bracelet trials I had made. Had an idea to use them with a t-shirt scarf to dress it up. Old or broken jewerly is great for making new accessories. This is a extra large t-shirt so the scraf is supa long. You can loop it to make it smaller….