Hibiscus Berry Drink

This summer all the refresher drinks have been very popular. When I found out the ingredients I said I could easily make a version of that at home with things I already have. I believe at the popular coffee shop is is called a purple drink.  It uses a different tea that I didn’t have….

Chai Sugar Scrub Bars

Sugar scrubs benefits skin by stimulating blood/lymph flow. Add in caffeine and it helps with tightening of the skin. I have done a few sugar scrub type things on here before. This is a newer version that I wanted to try doing because I was looking for a solution to my sugar scrub issues. I…

Friday Finds: Favorite Tea(s) this Season

Tea Hippie on etsy has amazing tea. They are based out of Canada. I have found recently that much of the items I have purchased have been from handmade creators from Canada. After getting the butter beer blend I decided to pick up a bunch more. They smell amazing. Many of the tea blends on…

onegreenplanet: Matcha Green Tea: A Superfood to Supercharge You!

Some of my tin can or storage tin upcycle projects. simple and easy to do with some paint and accessories.