Hibiscus Berry Drink

This summer all the refresher drinks have been very popular. When I found out the ingredients I said I could easily make a version of that at home with things I already have. I believe at the popular coffee shop is is called a purple drink.  It uses a different tea that I didn’t have. Though I hear at the coffee shop you can use different teas if you ask.

I went with hibiscus berry drink as the name for my concoction. The drink also freezes well for making your own ice lollies. This recipe can be all about taste. Sample along the way if you are making. The version I saw some people make has more sweetener and used a different type of sweetener for the drink. I wanted to use ingredients I always have in my pantry/fridge.

How to Make It 
Tablespoon hibiscus berry loose herbal tea (Always in my pantry is the brand rishi) in measuring cup. I use a tea ball to measure mine out but a regular tablespoon should work.

Pour boiling water over tea until reaches 4oz you can do 5oz. Room for error.

Let steep per direction on your tea. Strain out the loose tea from liquid into cup or jar you want to use. I used a tall Mason jar. Put in fridge to continue to cool.

Once everything is cool you will muddle 4 fresh blackberries. Put into the jar with the cooled tea.

Add half cup light coconut milk or less or more depending on what you want. I used 365 brand from the can. That is always in my pantry.

Add splash of vanilla extract

Add 1 tablespoon real maple syrup. I think many other recipes said 2 tablespoons of sweetener, but 1 was enough for me.

Add ice. I filled about half of Mason jar.
Give it a stir.

Optional: add on top freeze dried fruit like blueberries.



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