Jar Chalkboard Tags

Have been putting off making chalkboard tags for my storage bins for a long time since I didn’t have the paint. Thanks to a christmas present from my friend Mandy I was able to make these happen over the snow days. Important to note that making a template didn’t end up working. The paint stuck to the template and peeled right off. I hand to wing it making chalk boxes the second time. The paint says you will need 2 coats. Always do more. Depends on the material of course. These needed 4-5 coats. Let each coat dry for an hour. After last coat you need to cure it for 24 hours. Then you scribble lightly with a piece of chalk for priming. Once that is done you are ready to go. You can wash these with soap and water. Since the containers are for pantry type items you don’t need to wash often.

Excited for my next chalkboard paint project. I already need to do more containers.


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