Cereal Box Notebook Supplies

Was able to work on putting together more notebooks out of cereal boxes. Really easy craft to do with items you probably have in your house

Cereal Box ( 1 box will make two books)

Embroidery Thread


Screw Punch Martha Stewart (makes hole making easier. Also you won’t hurt your fingers/hand as much trying to push a needle through paper and box.)

10 pieces of paper (cut to size smaller than your cereal box outer shell)

Scrapbook Paper

Button or Brad

Glue (I use my scotch glue tape gun. Great investment for any crafter)

You don’t need a large guillotine cutter, but it helps. You can cut everything with scissors.

You can also use Modge Podge to coat everything after especially if you want a shine on your font cover. Since I will be stitching designs into these I am not going to do with MP.


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