Arts and Crafts Storage: Art materials can take up a lot of room.  Click the links below to view some creative storage ideas (Pictures are numbered from left to right, top to bottom).

  1. Shoe Organizer: Hanging shoe organizers take up little room and the pouches are the perfect size for craft materials.
  2. Divided Box: Glue recycled toilet paper rolls into a covered box to store items.
  3. Spice Rack: You can repurpose and old rotating spice rack to store glitter, beads, and other small items.
  4. Cereal Boxes: Cover cereal boxes to store paper, magazines, etc.
  5. Toilet Paper Rolls: Painting and glueing together toilet paper rolls is a good way to organize materials.
  6. Turn Table: Paint an old lazy susan/turn table and glue on buckets for easily accessible storage.
  7. Cans: Cover and stack cans to store art supplies.
  8. Arts and Crafts Center: If you have the room you could devote a whole shelf to arts and crafts supplies.
  9. Pegboard: Pegboards can be easily personalized to fit all your craft storage needs and can be mounted on the wall to leave plenty of room for toys.
  10. Drink Case: You can cover a cardboard 6-pack to make a portable art station.
  11. Flip Down Desk: This stores art supplies, takes up little space, can be used as a black (or white) board or to display wall art when it is up, and turns into a a desk when it is down (See below)



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