A post from Detoxinista came through my newsfeed on FB today. It has the words kale and peaches in it. That sold me.

This is such a simple salad. I skipped all the rubbing of the kale and letting the salad sit. I came back from a workout and wanted to eat. Mama gots to eat. The salad only had kale, peaches, and onion in it. I added more into mine. Threw in some dates and broc.

The salad dressing lasts for two days I think so I will be using on salads for the couple of days. I love love detoxinista. She is one of the 4 ladies that I follow the most when it comes to nutrition.

So here is the link. Try it out. So yum. http://detoxinista.com/2014/06/kale-salad-with-peach-vinaigrette/


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