Made myself a blog planner. Found this awesome template for the pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler blog

I used my normal notebook making ingredients
cereal box
martha stewart paint
my brain
vellum for making stitching templates if not drawing directly
blue painters tape
tea dye ink pad
hole punch

As i mentioned in my instagram post this morning… I incorporated my morning doodle from the sweetgreen bag on my counter.

The words on the bag I drew over on purpose. I liked the mix of the meaning under a different meaning.

My fingers hurt from stitching. feels like a foot asleep.

I decided during RA Training I am teaching my staff to make these notebooks. I try to provide them a few staff devo activities that they can also use with their residents. All the ingredients in this crafty recipe are easy for a college student to find.

Friends…. send me your cereal boxes


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