Now that pinterest is alive and busy. Lots of folks are playing around with crafting. A bunch of RAs last year were talking about using sharpies on mugs then baking them. It is a simple and cheap event if you can get your mugs at say Ikea or dollar tree. Plus for your sustainable events everyone can now bring their own mug.

What most don’t realize is you need oil based sharpies. This using regular sharpies thing does not work. My picture above is a mug I made for my friend. He is a huge Harry Potter fan. 

So crafters and RAs of the world. Use oil based sharpies please. Also I suggest only hand washing the mugs. Oil based for the most part allows you to use dishwasher, but will wear at some point.

Items Needed

Mug- White

Oil Based Sharpies in varying colors. I also get varying tips.



Once everything is dry. Please on a baking sheet in a cold oven. You want the mugs to warm up with the oven to decrease the possibly of cracking. Set oven to 425F or 450F. Every oven is different.

Bake 30 minutes

It won’t make your house smell pretty. Sorry.

After 30 minutes you need to let the oven cool back to 0 with the mugs in it. Again this is for cracking or exploding mug reasons.

I will typically bake things at night. Then when I wake in the morning it is all done. 

Go ahead. get your craft on,


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