Our annual 4th party is this friday. Stepping up the game with some festive decorations. Also added in these temp tattoos for people to wear. On the back of some of the tattoos are blue dots. If you get one of those you get to pick from a special prize bin.

We have fireworks at 9pm that we watch. Conveniently the community fireworks are on campus where we live. Awesome!

Tattoos= Merica. Right?
These were easy to make. I found the cheapest good qual tattoo paper online Amazon. It is Silhouette brand. The instruction come with the package. Stinks there is only two sheets in one pack.

Make sure when you do your images you flip them. Don’t want a backwards tattoo. I loaded a jpg of already flipped images that I used. Feel free to use if you would like.

As you can see in the photo on top….they work.

I think I will use these again for spirit stuff during RA training.

Cheers to your celebrations!


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