Busy day prepping for the Annual 4th. Wanted to make some gluten free sugar cookies. The recipe I found on the back Bobs Red Mill coconut flour.

Pretty darn good. The consistency of the dough is very moist so doing the red white and blue swirl was a bit different. I basically layered the moist dough on top of each other. Flatten out with hand that are wet so dough doesn’t stick to you.

I did this on top of wax paper in hopes it would pull off easy and that it would help me roll the dough into a log.

It worked. I then wrapped the log in the wax paper. Placed log into the freezer. Set timer for an hour. after 30 minutes it deemed it hard enough to cut. Again I was winging this.

They sliced pretty good. Put in oven 350 for 12 minutes. They do look more pink than red but o well.

While I was waiting for these cookies. I made some puppy chow. A crowd favorite. way more sugar than my sugar cookies. The sugar cookies only has a cup of raw sugar. Puppy chow has lots of powdered sugar.

Mixed the popcorn in a giant bag with red and blue m&ms. When little bro was here I had him separate the colors. They will be used for snacks to take to the fireworks. bro helped make the funnels for the popcorn


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