Ran out of deodorant this morning. No biggie. I make my own. I started making my own 7-8 months ago. So this one batch lasted that long.

Simple recipe I found multiple people doing. Carla Hall on the chew started making her own. Saw an episode last month where she talks really quick about new things she is doing. She mentioned drinking 32 oz of water after you wake up and natural deo. I think she also mentioned oil pulling.

Anywho. Here is recipe

3tbs coconut oil (melted)
2tbs arrowroot or cornstarch if you do not have arrowroot
( I do 3tbs arrowroot because I like it a bit thicker)
2tbs baking soda
3-4 drops essential oil (I like grapefruit or a lemon scent)

Mix it all together and tada. Everything will thicken as coconut oil moves to a more solid state. It is still pretty creamy though.

You may need to store in fridge if you live in a hot climate in order for coconut oil to be and stay more creamy/solid. I can have mine out on the counter.

If you put in fridge and it hardens you can still scoop out to use. Rubbing the mixture on your skin will make the oil melt.

Use about a teaspoon. Apply as much as you need throughout the day.
I have only needed to apply once a day.

I have heard people switching to this chemical free more natural way for many reasons. I have also heard that your armpits may go through a period of detox as well. This would be due to the build up of antiperspirants and such.

I didn’t have any of that happy.


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