Simple easy door dec. Spin off of canvas art with crayons. I cut up cardboard box into 4×5 peices. I have broke crayons in half. You can always use already broken crayons.

Use hot glue gun to glue the half pieces of crayon to cardboard.

Use a larger cardboard box as your “melt house” (the place where you do melting so wax does not squirt all over the place.

Use your heating tool. I have never used hair dryer. The heating tool isnt too epensive. Worth is for a bunch of crafts and reslife things.

Heat from left to right in a event motion.Heat with your cardboard vertical but tilted a bit. see pic above. You want things to flow down. As you are melting you can lift it to swish the wax around for new designs.

Hot Glued chipboard sparkly letters to boards/wax.


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