Made strawberry fruit roll ups or fruit leathers. Great if you have a bunch of fruit about start truning. No waste here. Great for snacks in kids lunch.

Simple recipes
5 cups strawberries blended
Juice of one lemon

Put in dehydrator. I don’t have one of those so I did oven on lowest setting. between 140 and 170. I noticed it worked better closer to 140.

6-8hours later you get the yums.

These are really sweet. Yummy. Brought them to a RA Training meeting. People tried and liked.

I didn’t do a great job of pulling off the parchment paper but was still able to cut into strips. They are really easy to get of the paper. I just failed today.

Make sure you spread out the fruit. You don’t want the goo to be thick on your pan. If it is this will increase the time.

Try out different recipes. They are out there all over the interwebs. Mine if from Nutrition Stripped


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