I am just a 31 year old gal trying to postpone turkey neck. I have good European genes, hardly ever wear makeup, and I drink a ton of water. That usually makes a good recipe for not aging as much. I don’t like putting things on my face that will not nourish it. Thus my regular lack of makeup.

I do know that that I need to pay more attention to my beauty regime. I also wanted it to be as non toxic and natural as possible. Add in must smell good. I have a sensitive sniffer so I cannot deal with gross smells. 

For the past few weeks I have been using Tata Harper. All natural and not toxic. I did a video post of me opening one of my packages of Tata products. You can watch that here

My routine is pretty simple when it comes to beauty.

  • Wake up drink 32oz of water
  •  Regenerating Cleanser to wash my face. The cleanser smells great. Scrubs really well. Sometimes I use it multiple times a day. You don’t need to use too much to cleanse. 
  • Hydrating Floral Essence as a toner to hydrate the skin
  • Rejuvenating Serum for anti-aging. This one is pretty pricy. I have the travel size version of it that I got in a smaller Powerful Best of Natural Skincare set. it was only $48. Had a bunch of items in it that I am still using weeks later.
  • Eye Cream if I have some. I don’t have a full bottle of this. With every order there are sample and the eye cream has come in them. So I use those. I can see the difference in my eyes from using it. I have natural dark areas under my eyes and on my eye lids. Totes helps those areas.
  • Rebuilding Moisturizer. This is my fav. I swear that the smell of this product helps me sleep better. 
  • Replenishing Nutrient Complex. I dont use this all the time. I only have a tiny trial bottle. 
  • Smoothie typically 32oz
  • Lunch try for something green
  • Dinner mostly raw veggies/sometimes cooked. Nutrition Stripped Veggie Tacos are go to for cooked. So good. 
  • Resurfacing Mask. I have tried this once so far. It says to only do once a week. I waited a long time to try after using the other products. OMG. This left my skin feeling amazing. I wanted to walk around and ask people to touch my face. I have the regular and the special edition apricot. Apricot came as a gift in one of my packages. In the picture above I am wearing the mask while holding the container.

So Tata products have brought out the beauty in my skin for sure. They are light. They make you glow. They are pricey but the items last long. I don’t mind the price when I know it is handmade and nontoxic.  Tata is also great at telling you exactly how to apply the products. They have video’s and are active on social media. Sign up for their newsletter and you get deals which help when justifying the purchase.

Check out their about section on the website. Watch the video’s. Buy a test package which is only $11.

The packaging is made from recycled products. My sustainability heart loves that.

I 100% recommend 


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