I have wanted a 

Belkin Conserve Switch Energy-Saving Surge Protector with Remote

for awhile now. I finally decided to buy the sucker. I have three of them on my amazon wish list. It is on sale right now for $29. This power strip comes with a remote switch that you can attach to the wall like a regular switch that comes with your home. Well the switch runs on battery so not like an electric switch. Any who it is great for the lamps we have in our house since nothing is connected to the wired switches in our home. Only the big overhead lights are. The same living room lights have been attached to a regular power strip that we can to turn on and off then walk in the dark across the room. We can now walk into the house and turn on the living room lights not the 5 other lights before we can get to those. The remote switch has a good distance and the rando walls dont stop it from working across living room and kitchen to front door.

Here is some info about the strip

Eight Versatile Surge-Protected Outlets
The Conserve Switch offers a total of eight surge-protected outlets, six of which are switchable and two that are always on. This means that you can connect up to six devices that can be controlled by the remote, and two devices that will always stay on. The Always-On Outlets are useful for devices that require a constant flow of energy, such as routers, alarm clocks, cable modems, or DVRs.

For easy operation, the Conserve Switch features a re-settable circuit breaker, a “not grounded” light to indicate when a ground is not present, and a manual override button to control switched outlets. It also protects sensitive electronics from power spikes or surges with 1000 joules of surge protection.

so far we love and it has made our life easier and gives us a more sustainable edge then with the other power strip.

Currently looking into buy the 

Belkin Power Conserve Switch F7c016q 6 Pack – Bulk Packaging

cut those energy vamps.


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