DIY: Vanilla Sugar Scrub

As you may have noticed my most recent way to be craft is working on diy beauty. It is close to gift giving season. Plus for the last year or so I have been transitioning to make my own things because they are cheaper and healthier. I have found in the store thing I make being sold for $11 or more. Crazy. I whipped this up pretty quick. One of my friends came over to borrow some paprika. In the middle of us talking I pulled out all the ingredients and started working. I think this surprised her. This is honestly what happens in my house. I just get up and start working when I get inspiration or remember that I needed to do something. This case was remember that I promised my husband I would make a scrub. The beauty of diy beauty is you can make the items pretty quick. Most just involves melting and pouring. Now time for the details.

There are a number of ways to make different sniffs. Play around with what you may like. Know that you can use this all over your body. Do not eat though. Well you could eat technically.

I decided to do vanilla version instead of pumpkin spice version using

Coconut Oil ½ cup melted. I wanted this to be exact. When you melt it is more exact then when hard. Plus in many temperatures around the globe, coconut oil is not hard.

1 cup Light Brown Sugar is what I had in my house to use. It was hardening because I don’t use sugar much anymore. I didn’t have enough to the remaining about of sugar I needed to make a cup I used raw cane sugar. This kind is what I have. I like it because I know the size of the sugar crystals work well in a scrub. You can also use coconut sugar.

Vit E oil- ½ teas. I have the liquid. You can always get the capsule and puncture them.

Vanilla Extract- 1 teas. This needs to be the real stuff.

Mix everything together. Know that the coconut oil will harden later if you live in an area that will do so. Use mix it up with your fingers.

I put into small mason jars. It fit into two of the 4oz jelly canning jars. Here are some options for jars that I have been thinking about. Clicky the linkies to see.

1.5 ox mini jars 

MountainRoseHerbs has some great container options

Wide Mouth ½ pt Ball Canning Jars (I know I have see these at my local target)

You can also use jars that you have collected. That would be my preferred option, but I don’t have any that would work for this.

Anyone have other DIY beauty things I should try? Let me know.

Also don’t forget to #octobersixthcreations if you were inspired by this post. Your post will be featured on my site in the area titled Lisa Likes. I appreciate your following and like. This is my way to appreciate you getting creative as well.

Have a great day!


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