Makeup: Ava Anderson and a DIY: Tinted Lip Balm


I have been cleaning up or out many things in my life. One of those areas has been the beauty department. I would not say I am a person that wears makeup. I do however wear it on occasion if the mood hits me or I am going to an event of sorts. Wellness is a huge part of sustainability. I love all this sustainability. Thus the interest in beauty products. Well anything that touches my skin. Our body absorbs what we put on it. 

I cannot make everything in my kitchen. I have found products in the last few months that fit into the safe category for me using on my skin. I have posted about Tata Harper. Another brand found is Ava Anderson. One of my friends loves the brand. It was also recommended on a Food Babe Post about mascara. Kimberly Snyder also has some posts about markup suggestions. I have not tried those. Here is a picture of all the products I got. You can also find them here


Mascara is the one product if at all I will wear to give my face a pop. I have have pretty long eyelashes but you don’t really notice until I have something on them. I am picky though. I decided I would try Ava Anderson mascara. Made with all natural ingredients that are non toxic.


The mascara is black. Goes on smooth. Not thick and clumpy. If you want more plump or thicker texture, wait until it is dried. Then apply more. I have oily skin especially around my eyes. Mascara hardly ever stays on. It has stayed on pretty well. There was some falling off  which left me with some blackness under my eyes. This is something I am used too with most mascara products. Overall I am happy with the coverage. Lashes don’t feel cakey or clumped together. 



I got two BB Creams for all over coverage.This is the info listed on the site 

bb creams – short for beauty or blemish creams – are an all in one moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, concealer and foundation. Wear alone as a tinted moisturizer or over your daily moisturizer or powder.

The cream went on very smooth. I can do just the bisque color but I also got ivory. I think as winter wags it’s ugly head I will move to mixing ivory and bisque. I really liked this. Did not make my skin itch. I can hardly feel on my face. Did not increase the oil on my face. It covered my natural rose tint on my cheeks and my chin. Thumbs up. 

I also bought the foundation. Made of french clay and silk. Goes on nice. Didn’t notice a shine on my face by end of the day. This usually happens with other makeup. Seems like it lets my face breathe better. Coverage is great. 

The smell of makeup is also something I pay attention to. Lots of natural products stink. These do not.


I made lip balms recently. Originals did not have a tint. I decided I wanted to try one using beet root to tint. 


Cooked up my normal lip balm recipe but cut in half. You can see my recipe here

Once everything was melted I cracked a capsule and mixed. This didn’t tint enough for my liking. Made it a nice pink color though. I am thinking next time I will try more. I wanted to finish out my look with my new makeup though so I cracked open a second capsule. Poured into the tin with set lip balm. Used my finger to heat up the balm moving the powder around. It worked well and gave a nice cherry tint to my lips.



Just for fun I wanted to show my beeswax that I ordered from an apairy in Pennsylvania. Typically I use pellets. First time using these little blocks. They smell very nice. I like that they are from my home state as well. They sell though amazon here.


Here is the finished look from my quick beauty application and making of lip balm. I made the lip balm after applying makeup. Everything took 30 minutes. 


Any natural products people have tried that they love? Let me know.

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