Organizer with Thrift Store Finds


I have seen making organizers for beauty products, change, keys, hair accessories, etc all over the place. Watched a few diy youtube videos. People used a few different methods. I have been looking a thrift store for some time. I wanted some cool plates, bowls, and tea cups. I adore tea cups. I prefer to pick up items from thrift store kitchen area that are singles. Who is going to buy a single. Probably a few people. I just feel bad taking a whole set when someone else may need them. If I had a big project then I would. Or if I am looking to add to my collection of items for photographing food and crafts. Buy used. Save the difference is always a good method. 

The above picture has my finds. Together they cost me $7.


  • Salad plate
  • Bowl: I prefer one with a smaller lip
  • Tea cup with saucer
  • 2 candle stick holders. I wanted brass, but I kinda was digging these mismatched glass holders.
  • E-6000 : videos I have watched use glue gun. I am looking for a better hold. I swear by E-6000.

Assembly is easy. Build and stack how you want everything to lay out. Obviously the tea cup should go on top. I guess maybe if you are the mad hatter you may put it on the bottom.

Glue base of one candle holder to the center of salad plate. Let dry.


Glue top of plate and candle colder combo to bottom center of bowl. Let dry.

Glue base of second candle holder base to center of bowl. Let dry.


Glue top of second candle holder to bottom center of saucer. Let dry.


Glue tea cup to center of saucer. Let dry.


I believe including dry time it took me about 1.5 hours. Dry time does depend on temperature you live in. Pay attention to the instructions.

Add what you want to the plates, cup, and bowl. This is going into my bathroom to help organize my skin products. I added the nail polish so the plate was more full. If you want wondering my skin products. I use Ava Anderson makeup. Tata Harper face cleaning and hydrating/ moisturizing products. 






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