Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas


Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas from @thepurplecarrotct The filling tasted delish because I had to taste it before rolling them up. I also added cinnamon to sweet potato while they were roasting. Tastes yummy.

My little soap box moment. I have no professional backing when it comes to eats. I just know the success I have had and my husband too. I really do suggest purple carrot for those trying to be plant based. @blueapron is used by my husband and it has helped so much with managing what he eats and getting more veggies in his body. Overall they both help when you are busy people who don’t feel like going to the grocery store everyday. It is nice getting a package delivered to you with all you need to cook for meals. Many of my friends have mentioned they are tired of eating the same things all the time. These are just two of the options you could try. Forks over knives has one too.

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